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About Anyweb Editor

  • You can edit your web page both on the desktop and mobile versions of Anyweb Editor. After editing, you can visit the website as normal in display mode.
  • This document mainly describes the functions of Anyweb Editor and distinguishes between different levels of modules.

What are elements, sections, and websites?

An element is a single component. Multiple elements can form a section and different sections have different functions. Your Anyweb site is made up of various components.
A section is a collection of elements.
A website is the final website you build, which corresponds to a unique domain name. A website has at least one version.

Element: a single component used to build the website.

Click "+" in the left navigation bar to add an element.
In the general mode of the editor:

  1. An individual element can be added to a section.
  2. An element cannot overlap another element. A component cannot be embedded in another component but must be embedded in a section. There can be gaps between components.
  3. Elements can be moved horizontally and vertically within the same page.

For more information about how to use different elements, see

Section: a combination of elements.

  1. A section cannot overlap or be embedded in another section. Sections are joined end to end to form a complete page.
  2. Sections can only be moved vertically on the same page.

For more information about how to use sections, see

Templates: standardized websites (elements) that can be directly applied.

  1. A template is a section that contains the basic elements of a page.
  2. Anyweb currently provides templates for sections and websites.

For more information about how to use sections, see

Page management: view and modify the page information of the website and the structure of the navigation menu.


  1. Hover your mouse over "+" for the following actions:
  • New page: add a new page.
  • New folder: add a new folder. Folders can be used to organize web pages. You can store pages of the same level in the same folder for easy management. Folders will be mapped to the drop-down menus of the navigation bar.
  • New link: add a new external link.
  1. You can drag the icon in front of a page to adjust the position of the page.

Hidden from main navigation: pages that will not be displayed in the navigation bar. Hover your mouse over "+" for the following actions:

  • New page: add a new page.

Theme: set the default color, button style, font, and spacing of the page.

Change the theme color of the site. You can edit these things as below:

1. Color

Anyweb currently offers five theme colors.
As shown in Figure 2, after selecting the theme color, click the pencil icon in the upper right corner to modify the brightness of the theme color.

2. Button

Anyweb currently offers three button styles. Click on the button style to apply it to the theme.

3. Font

Typesize: choose the font size for the theme; there are three font sizes for headings, i.e., large, medium, and small.

  • Choose a font size for headings (large, medium, or small).

  • The currently selected font size for headings will be circled and marked as "Current". If you want to change to another font size, all current settings (including paragraph settings) will be cleared.

  • Once you have selected a font size for headings, click the pencil icon in the upper right corner to set font sizes for paragraphs of different levels. Click the ➡️ icon after the font size to set the font size for the paragraph.

  • Typeface: set the typeface for text content on the page. Anyweb currently offers 12 different text styles.

  • Spacing: set the spacing for text on the page.

Save, preview, and publish your website

You can find the Save, Preview, and Publish buttons in the upper right corner of the Editor.





Click Preview to preview the site. Anyweb provides responsive/adaptive design to enable your website to quickly adapt to various screen sizes across PCs, tablets, and mobile devices with a one-time setup.



Publish the site when everything is ready!

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