Choosing your template

Templates in Anyweb

Anyweb currently provides templates for sections and websites.

Website Templates

Website templates are ready-to-use web templates. A website template contains all the elements that make up a web page. Different website templates have different sections, headers, and footers.
Anyweb currently provides three types of templates: Portfolio & CV, Business & Services, and Landing Page.

  • Portfolio & CV: a personal website displaying a person's information,including at least a home page, a portfolio page, and a contact page.
  • Business & Services: the official website for a team, a company, or a product,including at least a home page, an "About" page, a lead capture page, and secondary pages for business introduction.

How to apply website templates

  1. Click "Create Website"on the dashboard.
  2. Select a website template under a specific categoryand click "Start Building" to apply the template.

If you need to add more functional modules to your website, you can use section templates.

Section Templates

Section templates are sections that carry specific functions, such as the introduction section on the home page or the contact section in the website footer. Anyweb currently offers three section templates: Headline, Footer, and Image.

How to apply section templates

  1. Click the "Templates" iconto enter the templates dashboard.
  2. Choosea template.

Note: You can select individual elements to change their settings.

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