In Roles & Permissions, you can manage your site collaborators and assign them as either the Owner or an Admin.

  • If you are the Owner, you can invite other users to help build the site as Admins as well as remove existing Admins.
  • If you are an Admin, you can help the Owner manage the site and invite other users to become Admins, but cannot remove other Admins.
    Note: A site can only have one Owner and everyone else is an Admin.

You can enter the Roles & Permissions page in two ways:

  1. Select the site you want to manage from the site listand click "Manage".
  2. Click"Roles & Permissions".

Adding collaborators

  1. Click"Invite Users".

  2. Enter the email address of the invited user and Anyweb will send an invitation email to that email address. Invited users are Admins by default. Admins can manage, edit, and publish sites, but cannot delete sites.

Note: After you send an invitation email to a user, a "Pending" label will appear next to the user's name, indicating that this user has not accepted the invitation yet.

  1. Once the invited users have accepted your invitations, you can manage the collaborators' roles and add/remove users on this page. A site can only have one owner (i.e., the site creator).
  • Inviting collaborators

Removing collaborators

Find the collaborator you want to remove in the "Site roles" list and click "Remove" in the "Action" column to remove the collaborator.

Note: Removed users can no longer manage, edit, or publish sites. Removing users is irreversible, but you can add them back again.

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