Sections are joined end to end to form a complete page.

  • Select the section you want to edit.

Design: format section background


  • Fill the background with theme colors or custom colors.


  • Add Image: select and upload a local image or select an image from the Library to fill the background. Anyweb supports JPG, PNG, and GIF files (up to 20 MB).
  • Overlay Opacity: set the image's opacity (from 0% to 100%).


  • Add Video: select and upload a local video to fill the background. Anyweb supports MP4, MPEG, and AVI files (up to 200 MB).
  • Video Placeholder Image: select an image from your local drive or the Library as a backup for the video in case the video cannot be played on some devices or in some browsers.

Layout: edit section structure

  • Padding (Top/Bottom): set the padding for sections; the padding can range from 32 px to 500 px.

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